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999 Schneider is the dedicated Schneider division of 999 Automation – Europe’s fastest-growing on-line specialist industrial automation supplier. 999 Schneider provides 24 hour availability from extensive stock of Schneider Electric’s factory automation products, from Motor Control to Enclosures.

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The new Altivar variable speed drives are a lot more than your average inverter. They deliver smart information directly to you so that you can make informed decisions wherever you might be. These Altivar drive will help to increase your businesses efficiency including process and asset optimization, and energy management savings.

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Schneider Control Components such as the Harmony Pushbuttons are some of the most widely used across the product and manufacturing industries. They are reliable, robust and conform to the highest safety standard, as well as time saving due to the simplicity of installation.

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Advantages of safety embedded VSDs

Published on 05/06/18

Circular Saw

Machinery safety is an important issue for machine builders and machine users. They have realised that safety links to performance and brand image. Unsafe environments are damaging to a company’s reputation, decreasing its performance and its applications. Makeing safety embedded VSDs a priority...


VSDs are more than just speed...

Published on 15/05/18

Variable Speed Drive Infographic

In a Schneider Electric machine and automation blog, François Malrait explains why VSDs are more than just speed controllers. Engineers use drives for a variety of purposes depending on the function required. This means the task is the focus, rather than the product. For many, the purpose of a VSD is to run a motor at variable...


Performance metrics | What gets...

Published on 24/04/18

Performance Discussion

Developed over thirty years ago and still popular today, the balanced scorecard is a management tool. It helps organisations measure their performance in relation to key aspects of their strategy, and vision. The concept has evolved over time and covers four business perspectives...